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MultiCIG at the National Convenience Show 2016

Posted on 4th Apr 2016

MultiCIG in partnership with DSL will be exhibiting at the National Convenience Show later this month, giving attendees the opportunity to come along to their stand and browse their range of high quality products and award-winning e-liquids.The NCS will be hosted by the Birmingham NEC, the country’s largest and most well-known exhibition venue, from the 18-20 of April, and will feature over 400 product and services suppliers from a broad range of sectors across the entire convenience...
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Welsh Ban Scrapped

Posted on 29th Mar 2016

Proposed legislation to ban e-cigarettes in selected public places in Wales has been thrown out, after being defeated by one vote in the Welsh Assembly.The legislation sought to restrict the use of nicotine products, including vaping devices, in certain spaces such as public eateries, schools and public transports, which would bring restrictions into line with those for traditional tobacco products. The bill, which also included plans to restrict tattooing and body piercing, has been rejected...
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Vaping On Holiday

Posted on 24th Mar 2016

Early Spring is a time when many of us begin planning our Summer holidays, but if you’re a vaper, it might be worth looking into the regulations of your chosen destination to make sure you’re following the rules correctly.Firstly, you’ll need to check with your airline on what their policies are regarding electronic devices. The vast majority of airlines will not allow you to use or charge e-cigarettes on board, and use of a vaping device on a Qatar Airways flight could land you in...
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Call for tobacco levy ahead of Budget

Posted on 17th Mar 2016

The Chancellor will announce the Budget tomorrow, and ASH, UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies and Cancer Research have reiterated a request to increase both the tax on tobacco, and a levy on the tobacco industry as a whole, which would be used for cessation support and to dissuade others from taking up a tobacco habit.The proposed levy will mean the tobacco industry would needs to raise £500 million in funding to reduce smoking numbers. The levy has the support of over a hundred health...
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EU proposal could double the price of e-cigarettes

Posted on 11th Mar 2016

European Union finance ministers have been discussing the possibility to scrap the current exemption on excise duties on e-cigarettes, which could result in a massive rise in consumer prices.Rules on traditional tobacco products state that 57 per cent of the retail prices of a packet of cigarettes must be made up from duty, with another 20 per cent taken up by VAT. Currently, only 20 per cent VAT applies to e-cigs, but if taxes were raised to equate those of tobacco products, the consumer could...
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Switching to E-cigarettes – What could you save?

Posted on 9th Mar 2016

Every year more and more people are making the switch from using tobacco – known for negatively impacting both your health AND your wealth – to e-cigarettes. This No Smoking Day we’re encouraging people to move from traditional tobacco products and hoping to inform them about the benefits of e-cigarettes. Take a look at the infographic below to see what you could save by switching – and what you could treat yourself to with the savings!
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How a tobacco habit could be keeping you single

Posted on 9th Mar 2016

The physical effects of a tobacco habit on the heart are well documented, but a study has also shown smoking could be preventing your heart from finding happiness. If you’re not currently in a relationship, but looking for love, you could be reducing your chances with your tobacco habit, according to information from Elite Singles.Unfortunately for those with a tobacco habit, nearly three quarters of the 500,000 EliteSingles members studied were non-smokers, and this number is set to increase...
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One Million UK Smokers At Risk From Lethal Illness

Posted on 7th Mar 2016

Nine out of ten of those who suffer from a life-threatening vascular disease are current or previous tobacco smokers, a new study from The British Heart Foundation has revealed.Peripheral Arterial Disease, or PAD, is known as a silent killer which can result in the amputation of limbs, and often there are no symptoms until it develops into a stroke or heart attack. There are almost half a million registered patients dealing with PAD in the UK, but due to the illnesses’ elusive nature, experts...
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What happens when you stop using tobacco?

Posted on 2nd Mar 2016

Deciding to move away from tobacco is a life-changing decision, but the effects experienced during this change do not compare to the health benefits that will follow. The human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself, even for those who have been a regular smoker for an extended period of time.Going tobacco free will see your senses of taste and smell improve, so mealtimes will become far more enjoyable. The appearance and condition of skin and teeth will improve significantly and will...
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The CATastrophic effects of tobacco

Posted on 23rd Feb 2016

If you’re a cat owner with a tobacco habit, your pet is twice as likely to develop cancer as a result of second-hand smoke, according to a new video from the Truth Initiative. The video from the USA-based anti-smoking organisation, named #CATmageddon, seeks to unite pet lovers around the world, and shows how pets such as cats and dogs that live in households that smoke traditional tobacco products are at risk from the same diseases that cigarettes cause in humans. Using humour to convey a...
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