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Media Backlash Against The TPD

Posted on 18th Feb 2016

Today, The Times journalist Matt Ridley has expressed why he feels the upcoming TPD will be detrimental to the country’s heath.Ridley discusses how the new rules on e-cigarettes will contradict the previous stance our government has had on harm reduction when it comes to managing addiction to harmful substances, making it more difficult for nicotine users to move away from traditional tobacco products to less harmful electronic alternatives, “If public health experts can see the success of...
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Good E-cigarette Safety Practices

Posted on 12th Feb 2016

Over the past week, a number of safety incidents involving e-cigarettes have been reported in the media. Like with any products, there are safety considerations that customers need to be aware of when using e-cigarettes. As we’re very safety conscious at multiCIG and want injuries and issues to be avoided, we thought we’d put together a bit of a rundown of all the safety tips to consider. One of the leading causes for accidents with e-cigarettes is poorly made, sub-standard products that...
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E-cigarettes top the charts as most popular quitting aid

Posted on 8th Feb 2016

E-cigarettes are now the most popular method for those looking to move away from traditional tobacco products, new information from The Smoking Study Toolkit has revealed. Compared to other aids used to quit smoking such as NRT and Champix, e-cigarette popularity as a cessation support has increased to nearly 40% in the past four years.The STS has been collating important information regarding tobacco habits and cessation trends, including e-cigarettes, throughout the UK since 2011. Not only...
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World Health Organization Advises Adult Rating for Smoking Scenes

Posted on 3rd Feb 2016

The World Health Organisation has today released a statement encouraging governments around the globe to treat films that contain scenes of smoking alongside those that feature nudity and graphic violence, in the hopes that this will prevent minors being influenced to try tobacco products.Studies found that in 2014, smoking was present in 44% of all Hollywood films, with over a third of these rated suitable for children. These figures represent a worrying level of exposure and normalisation of...
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Nottingham Becomes the UK’s Second Smoke-Free City

Posted on 29th Jan 2016

This week, Nottingham City Council announced launch smoke-free zones in major outdoors spaces and events, but the ban will not include e-cigarettes.The second city in the UK to launch smoke free zones in outdoor spaces and events, Nottingham takes after Bristol in aiming to reduce people smoking in high footfall areas. The ban is voluntary, there will be no fines or enforcement, with a request from the council that people do not smoke.Council members including portfolio holder for adults and...
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How is the TPD Going to Affect Us All?

Posted on 27th Jan 2016

As of May 20th 2016, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) comes into force across the whole of the European Union. The TPD has been a hot topic for some time amongst the vaping and e-cigarette community, with both manufacturers and consumers likely to be effected by the changes.The TPD hopes to input a set of laws for e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vaping devices that will be applied to all products that are imported to or manufactured in the EU to ensure a minimum standard of quality and help...
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Cancer Research UK Contradicts Negative Portrayal of E-cigarettes

Posted on 22nd Jan 2016

Cancer Research has come forward to voice their opposition to some of the recent media claims that may mislead the public, and in turn, risk lives.They have challenged opinions that suggest e-cigarettes may not be a safer option than traditional tobacco products, but, as Cancer Research have pointed out, evidence points to the contrary.One of the studies published on this subject that has been referenced by the media included researchers treating cells with tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapour...
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MultiVAPE Reviewed: Muric Vapes

Posted on 21st Jan 2016

We work with many bloggers, press and vloggers across the internet to get honest reviews and input on our products, and this month Muric Vapes, a specific e-cigarette/vape reviewer has tried out our multiVAPE mod device and some of our e-liquids. As he’s not a fan of tobacco e-liquid when he got in touch to possibly try another flavour we sent him a Wild Forest e-liquid to try instead. Take a look to see what he thought of the multiVAPE Starter Kit as well as our Wild Forest e-liquid...
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Local Press praise multiCIG’s recent accolade

Posted on 14th Jan 2016

We’ve recently been named the top UK independent retailer in a recent survey conducted by Neilsen and trade magazine The Grocer. Within this research sales reports that looked at Big Tobacco brands, as well as smaller independents across the UK.multiCIG was named top UK independent brand by sales, garnering the highest sales across those independents measured. We’ve been sharing this information with press across the UK and because we’re an East Midlands’ based business, our regional...
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multiCIG Are The UK’s Biggest Independent E-cigarette Brand

Posted on 12th Jan 2016

multiCIG is giving our Big Tobacco rivals a run for their money, and has become the UK’s largest independent producer of electronic vaping devices, racing up sales records to become the UK’s biggest independent producer of electronic vaping devices a new survey has found.This comes as a result of the Top Product Survey of 2015, published in the December’s edition of leading grocery sales magazine The Grocer, using information compiled by consumer analysis group Nielsen, which revealed...
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