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How Do I Charge My Battery?

  1. Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery
  2. Wipe any liquid residue from the + terminal in the top of the battery,
  3. Connect the battery to the multiVAPE USB charging lead supplied
  4. Insert the USB plug into a USB socket of a compatible charging unit e.g. PC or laptop
  5. Red = flat, Red/Green = Partially Charged, Green = Fully Charged,

How Long Does The Battery Last Between Each Charge?

This can vary depending on the age and condition of your battery and the amount of use it gets. The life cycle of your battery is not infinite.

Each time your battery is charged it will hold less charge than before and will weaken over time. Therefore the time between charges will become less as your battery ages.

How Long Will My Battery Take To Charge?

Batteries usually take 2-4 hours to fully charge. For the quickest results, use the multiVAPE Mains Charger.

From a safety perspective:

Never leave your battery untended when charging.

Never use a mains usb charger with an output over 1 amp such as for a tablet or mobile phone.

Do NOT leave charging unattended over night,

What Is The Life Expectancy Of My Battery?

The overall life expectancy is difficult to quantify but making sure it is well looked after will help to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

As a rough estimate, batteries are designed to be charged up at least 100 times but remember they are a consumable product.

you will probably notice a new battery will last most of a day but a battery a few months old will last less,

as the battery ages the time between charges gets smaller, once it gets to this point it is wise to replace your battery and use your original battery as a back up to use while your new battery is charging,


Why Is My Clearomizer Leaking?

It may be that the clearomizer tank has been overfilled. Remember, you only need enough liquid to cover the coil.

Only ever fill the tank from the bottom and do not remove the mouthpiece. Take care not to pour the liquid in the central column and not to cross-thread the tank and base when refitting.

Avoid leaving e-liquids in a clearomizer that is not being used for a prolonged period of time.

Don't leave your clearomiser in direct sunlight or anywhere overly warm, such as a car on a hot day as this can effect the viscosity of your liquid which in turn floods the coil and can in extreme cases empty your clearomiser,


How Do I Replace The Coil?

  1. Detach the base from the clearomizer
  2. Turn the coil anticlockwise to unscrew and remove
  3. Insert the replacement coil turning clockwise
  4. Reattach the base to the clearomizer tank

How Often Do Coils Need Replacing?

This can vary depending on a variety of factors such as usage,

The type of e-liquid and voltage used.

Over time the performance and taste can deteriorate as residues from the e-liquids accumulate within the coil.

We recommend replacing coils regularly and especially if there is a noticeable change to taste or vapour quantity.

How Often Will I Need To Replace The Coil In My MultiVAPE Device?

The honest answer is that it varies.

Some will last as long as a month while some will last only a day or two In our kits,

We include a spare coil in the Sabre starter kit to ensure you are able to enjoy your multiVAPE device for as long as possible before you will need a replacement.

My Device Isn’t Working - Should I Replace The Coil?

Remember that disposing of the coil should be a last resort.

Before replacing the coil, it is worth checking if there are any connection problems.

Check the Sabre battery is turned on, (constant light when button is pressed)

If the light flashes this can be due to a flat battery or fault such as a poor connection.

Simply unscrewing the coil, giving it and the connection a wipe, then screwing it back in can often resolve things. If this does not resolve the problem may will need to replace the coil.

New Coil Advice

When fitting a new coil you can put 4 or 5 drops of liquid on the top hole once fitted in to the base of the Sabre, (this is known as priming the coil)

The Sabre & Sabre Nuvo coils contains organic cotton used as a wick, so if the fire button is pressed before natural wicking has occurred this can damage the wick and cause flooding of the coil as well as poor taste & performance,


Can I Suggest A New Product/Flavour?

Yes we are always looking for new new flavour ideas. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have.

Do You Sell Any E-Liquids That Are Nicotine Free?

Currently the Multivape range is NOT available in Zero mg but we are looking in to making this happen,

please feel free to contact us via the Home page on the MV website if you require any update on this,

How Do I Use My MultiVAPE Device?

  1. remove your Sabre kit from its packaging,
  2. remove the reservoir from the clearomiser,
  3. prime the coil,
  4. fill the reservoir,
  5. replace the clearomiser base,
  6. fit the clearomiser to the battery,
  7. Take 2 long slow primer pulls on the mouth piece,
  8. turn your Sabre kit on, 5 x clicks on 5 x clicks off.
  9. press the fire button and take a short pull, if all tastes well you are good to go,

remember NOT to let your coil run dry as this will damage it internally to the point where it needs to be replaced,

How Does It Work?

Your Multivape kit is an e-cigarette which is a battery-powered device that converts liquid nicotine into a mist, or vapour, that the user inhales.

  1. There's no fire,
  2. No ash
  3. No smell.
  4. No TAR.
  5. E-cigarettes do not contain all of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide and TAR (Tobacco Aerosol Residue)

How Should I Store My Device When Not In Use?

Deactivate your device and store in a cool safe place well out of the reach of children.

There Is A Problem With My MultiVAPE Device – What Should I Do?

If our Frequently Asked Question section hasn't been able to help with any problems you are experiencing please get in touch with us via our contact us page. Our knowledgeable customer services team members will be able to assist you.

Telephone 0845 2268584

What Is A Mod Device?

A Mod is a term given to a Modified e-cigarette, from its humble beginnings looking like a traditional cigarette to where we are today with high power mods made from exotic woods, carbon fibre,stainless steel or billet aluminium,

What Is In The MultiVAPE Starter Kit?

Pack contents List,

1 x sabre battery and atomiser,

1 x Sabre charger,

1 x 10ml 18mg tobacco leaf e liquid,

1 x user manual,

Why Should I Choose MultiVAPE Over Other Mod Devices?

The MV range of liquids and hardware are manufactured with carefully selected partners with ease and quality in mind for our customer,

all our Liquids are Manufactured within the UK from the highest quality products currently available on the market,

All MV products are TPD compliant and will soon be CLP compliant before Christmas 2018.

please feel free to contact us Via the home page if your have any questions,

Will You Be Adding Any New Flavours To Your E-Liquid Range?

we do have a few new flavours in the pipeline which we are looking to go live with once the New CLP legislation is in place on our current range,


How Do I Refill The E-Liquid?

Refilling the multiVAPE is very simple; turn the clearomizer upside down,

Unscrew the clearomizer base,

Pour the e-liquid in to the reservoir to just below the top of the metal shaft in the middle (carefully avoiding pouring liquid into the shaft) and then refit the metal base.

Refit to the battery.

How Long Does The E-Liquid Last?

How long they last depends entirely on the user, average use is around one to two 10ml bottles per week, but again, this depends on the frequency and duration of each ‘vape’ and the strength of the liquid being used.

Is My E-Liquid Bottle Child Proof?

Our E-liquid bottles are designed to make sure they are as safe as possible. Our bottles are equipped with a safety mechanism to ensure child resistance and tamper evidence. To open it simply squeeze the sides of the cap, push down and turn the cap anti-clockwise.

What Are The Different Types Of Liquid That Are Available?

At multiVAPE, we believe in offering our users choice which is why we have 14 varying flavours in our e-liquid range in a choice of 3 different strengths.

We use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which are manufactured in laboratory conditions.

the Multivape Liquid range is 70/30 PG heavy to compliment the sabre kit,

What can affect my e-liquids?

Flavours vary from batch-to-batch so bear this in mind when ordering new e-liquids.

The cooler the liquid, the thicker it gets so store the liquid in a warmer place if it seems too thick.

Avoid getting liquid in the central column which can cause a bubbling sensation and will affect your experience.

For optimal performance it is also advisable not to leave your device or liquid bottle in direct sunlight as this can in some cases darken the liquid and may also have a noticeable effect on flavour.

Where Do Your E-Liquids Come From?

It is important to multiVape as a market leader that we can control the production and quality of all our multiVape products and To ensure that we maintain the highest standards our e-liquids are blended by a British manufacturer,

Why does my E Liquid change colour,

Firstly all MV bottles are all the same colour, the colour difference in our E Liquids is usually down to the age of the liquid and a process known in the trade as steeping,

This is naturally occurring and mainly takes place over the 1st month from being freshly mixed when the liquid is almost clear, so on your last order you may have had a few bottles from one delivery that may be a couple of months old and the rest from a new delivery that may be days or weeks old,

As an example, vanilla sky is clear when green (freshly mixed) with a slight yellow tint but after 21-28 days it changes colour and goes to a rich amber colour,

Menthol blue is totally clear when green and after 21-28 days it goes a light-yellow colour,

Tobacco leaf is again totally clear and after 21-28 days it has a light pink tinge to it,

The other thing that has an impact is the nicotine strength, the higher the nicotine level the faster the liquid changes colour and darker the liquid goes,

Most users tend to prefer the steeped liquids as they lose the nicotine taste and the slight chemical after taste from the flavourings used and also tend to get more depth of flavour over time,

One other aspect to consider is the age of your coil as this can have a big impact not only the flavour of your liquid but also the colour,

As the natural sugars start to build up on the coil, over time they go dark and the dark colour will eventually leach back in to the clearomiser,

We would recommend replacing the coil before this starts to happen or as you notice it starting to happen or the performance start to suffer,

If you require any further info on this subject please contact us via the home page on the website,

Why Is There A Bad Taste From My MultiVAPE Device?

It can be that the coil has come to the end of its life and simply needs replacing.

It could also be that the coil is dry due to lack of liquid or the coil has not been primed properly.

to solve this problem, put your thumb and forefinger over the two small holes above the button and gently suck on the mouthpiece, not so hard as to draw up any liquid. This will draw your liquid from the reservoir in to the coil chamber,

please bear in mind in extreme cases the organic cotton within the coil can be scorched, if this is the case the coil and liquid will need to be replaced to removed the scorched taste from your liquid.


Do I Need To Replace My Tank?

The Sabre clearomiser is a very robust unit and if looked after it can outlast the life span of your battery.

We recommend cleaning the clearomizer regularly.

Should you damage your Sabre clearomizer or if the glass gets broken you might only need to replace the clearomizer centre section. Service parts in assorted colours are available via the accessories section of our website.

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