New to Vaping?

If you are new to the world of vaping and you’re trying to learn how to vape, it can seem a little daunting at first but don’t worry. Armed with a little knowledge we will have you vaping like a pro quickly. We have put together eleven vaping tips to help you get started on your journey and enable you to enjoy the best vaping experience possible.


If you're still smoking and want help switching to vaping, we reccomend you read our "How to Switch" Guide instead.




When it comes to e-liquids you really do get what you pay for so invest a little bit more and only buy high quality e-liquids. Don’t put yourself at risk, there are lots of very cheap e-liquids in the market. Ask yourself, can you really can’t be certain of their provenance or be sure they are safe? Only buy from reputable brands whose products are manufactured to at least GMP standards using pharmaceutical grade nicotine and ‘human consumption food-grade’ ingredients.


Perhaps the most exciting thing about vaping is the variety of flavours you are able to choose from. Everybody has a completely different palette so a flavour that one vaper might love, may not appeal at all to another. There are many categories of flavour that you can choose from including Tobacco flavours, Menthols, Dessert, Fruit and Sweet types, Coffee and many more. The possibilities when considering how to vape are literally endless.


PG stands for ‘Propylene Glycol’ and provides a stronger ‘throat hit’ similar to that sensation experienced by smokers. So an e-liquid with a good PG content can be really beneficial for new vapers because it closely replicates the smoking experience.

VG stands for ‘Vegetable Glycerin’ and the higher the content in your e-liquid, the more vapour is created. It has a smoother sensation in the throat and as you progress along your vaping journey you may well find that you move towards liquids that contain a higher VG content.

If you find the PG content a little too harsh or have any throat irritation then it is a good idea to move towards a higher VG content e-liquid.

A great starting point for new vapers is a 50:50 PG/VG ratio e-liquid. It gives you the best of both worlds, a good amount of vapour along with a decent throat hit.


The first thing to remember is to keep your e-liquids out of direct sunlight. This is because over time it can reduce the nicotine content and also make the liquid thinner through Ultraviolet light exposure.

It is okay to let the e-liquid breathe for a short time if you find the flavour is a little intense but try to keep the cap on as much as possible so as not to sacrifice any flavour.

Secondly ALWAYS shake the e-liquid bottle before decanting liquid into the device tank. By doing so you will get a good mix of ingredients and nicotine throughout the life of the whole bottle ensuring you will enjoy the best quality vaping experience every time.

Occasionally shaking, letting it breathe, and storing your E-Liquid in a cool dark place over a short period of time is known as ‘STEEPING’, and is a method of ‘smoothing out’ the flavour whilst increasing the flavour potency.


Many Menthol and Citrus flavoured e-liquids contain acidic ingredients that can warp and damage plastic tanks. The vast majority of the cheaper vape starter kits come with a plastic tank so in particular new vapers should beware. It really makes sense to invest in a quality ‘Pyrex’ or Glass tank to avoid any potential damage.


To ensure you always enjoy a great vaping experience a little housekeeping is essential - it is really easy to do.

We reccomend, at least once per week, you should empty and clean your tank thoroughly.

Disassemble your device setting the battery section safely aside, then decant any remaining e-liquid. Then rinse the mouthpiece, tank, and coil under hot water. Allow the items to dry before reassembling.

Doing this regularly will help you to avoid nasty builds ups of grime and you will enjoy a safe and pleasant vaping experience everytime.


Any time that you detach the battery from your device it is always good practice to clean any e-liquid or grime that might have accumulated on the connections. It only takes a few seconds and again it will enable you to consistently enjoy your vaping experience.


More than anything it is the vape coil that determines the quality of your vaping experience and beginners often don’t realise how important it is to change coils regularly. Vape Coils can last anything from a day or two up to a few weeks depending on a number of factors.

The frequency of vape, the quality of e-liquid and flavour being used, the length of draw etc. It’s a long list of factors.

If there is a noticeable drop in the flavour or you are getting a burnt taste then it is time to change the coil!


To work well, the ‘wicking’ inside the coils need to be wet. Add three or four drops of e-liquid directly into the coil and give it time to soak in before activating. If you don’t do this you might find that the wicking becomes scorched inside the coil and often experience a burning taste which is impossible to get rid of.


So you can’t decide between the desert style Banana Bake flavour or the enchanting Berried Secret, well we can’t blame you ….. they are both are delicious. Vapers palettes can change throughout the day. If you think about it sometimes you fancy eating something savoury and other times you just crave something sweet. Vaping really isn’t any different. But if you do have or want to try out different flavours it is definitely worth investing in extra tanks and then using a different one with every flavour.

That way you will enjoy the true flavour of each e-liquid and don’t have the hassle of constantly rinsing tanks and replacing coils every time you want to switch flavours.


When learning how to vape, a few people try it and give up all too easily. This is usually because their initial experience has unfortunately not been a good one. They might have bought a cheap liquid with little flavour, or they couldn’t get on with the device or they didn’t have information to help them. Don’t give up, it becomes so easy once you find a Starter Vaping Kit and flavour profile that works for you.

It is a matter of experimentation and having fun in the process.

Each of us is unique, each one of us has different likes and dislikes so it goes without saying that each of our vaping journeys will be a little different - and that’s a good thing!

Give yourself the best chance possible by taking time to find a quality e-liquid that works for you as well as learn how to use and look after your device. It will make all the difference in the world to your vaping experience.

Follow these vaping tips and in no time at all you will have learnt how to vape like a pro.