Coil Longevity

What can have an impact on my vaping coil life?

All E-liquids have a natural sugar level. The higher the VG contents the higher the natural sugar content and it is these natural sugars that build up on the coil over time and turn in to a crust.

Some High VG liquids 70/30 or 80/20 also contain more sweeteners and again the sweeter the liquid the faster the build up occurs on the coil.

Your vape coil works just as well when you throw it away as the day you fitted it new, but due to the crust of burned natural sugars the performance seems to drop off, along with the taste and vapour production.

Temperature can also have a bearing on your coil performance.


In summer during the warmer months you may notice your liquid seems thinner?

In warmer weather you may notice that your coil is easily flooded and that you get a gurgling sensation when using your E-cigarette.

This is due to the viscosity of the liquid changing, due to the heat and in extreme cases such as when left in a car on a hot summers day, you can lose the entire contents of your reservoir running through your coil and out of the airflow holes due to this.

Equally in winter the cold has an impact on your coils and liquid too

When the temperature drops your liquid becomes thicker, which in turn effects how quickly it can be naturally wicked into the coil. If your coil is NOT sufficiently soaked in liquid this can cause a dry hit, a dry hit is very similar to when your coil needs to be replaced and is due to insufficient liquid being absorbed into the organic cotton to be vaporised.

Once the organic cotton has been scorched this cannot be undone, you will need to replace the coil to get rid of the underlying burnt taste to get your e-liquids tasting as they should once again.

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