Smoking vs Vaping the cost difference

Every single year the cost of smoking cigarettes goes up. With the average pack of cigarettes in 2022 costing between £12.00 and £18.00, vaping has never been a better and cheaper alternative. Make the switch today and stop smoking all together.

The real cost of vaping depends on how much you vape & the frequency at which you vape. Generally, vaping should save you money over time compared to smoking. At multiVAPE we want to show you the options you have to make the transition and the overall cost you could save. Check out our vape starter kits below.


Our Kits

Our starter vape kits are perfect to kick start vaping for beginner or experienced vapers. Our kits include the device itself, 2 coils, a charging cable, a battery unit, a steel tank and an instruction manual, the perfect set to get you going. This would be the average cost of about one & a half packet of cigarettes, so you can already see the difference it could make.

multiVAPE starter kit


Shop our e-liquids  that have a wide range of flavours. We also offer huge discounts when you buy more. So the more you buy, the move you save! Our e-liquids are available in a verity of flavours, from Tobacco to a range of fruity flavours, to our best seller Menthol! Whatever flavour you’re after, find it here in liquid form.

Vape Coils

Vape coils are essential for all vaping kits. They are not built into the device itself, and you will need to replace them regularly dependent on how often you smoke. It could be anywhere between 4 to 10 days on average. Our coils come in a pack, which could last you up to a month.

So why don’t you make the switch today, it’s never been easier. Whether you’re looking for the best vape kit, vape pens, vaping e-liquids, disposable vapes or vaping accessories, get it today at multiVAPE, at great prices!

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